Master lock 140 review-Purchase a small but superior padlock for your bag

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Are you a discreet person who values their personal space? You can ensure that no one crosses that line by choosing a padlock that boosts your privacy. This Master lock 140 review will tell you how.

Being on campus is fun due to the minimal monitoring by adults. I get to set my own rules and abide by them. I am a social person, so I prefer staying with a bunch of friends in a hostel. Though I am free with everyone, I have my boundaries. We all have cabinets to store personal items in our room, and I hate it when someone goes through my stuff. Since I hate arguing with people, I bought Master lock 140 to keep them off and secure my belongings. It serves me well, and I am contented knowing no one can mess with my stuff when I am out.

What are the specifications of Master lock 140?

Size ¼ inch shackle
Weight 5.1 ounces
Color Brass
Design Pin-tumbler
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 Master lock 140 review

Master lock

Sharing space can be hard especially if you have personal belongings you would like to keep to yourself. Thankfully, you can always use this padlock to secure them and keep them away from other people. It provides general security in different areas. For instance, you can use it on a tackle box, closet, duffel bag, briefcases as well as a sports bag.

Master lock 140 review features


I settled for this lock because it comes from a reputable company. Master is a famous manufacturer of high-quality padlocks that come with different security features. This model contains hardened steel sparkle which makes it resistant to cuts. It includes a 4-pin tumbler mechanism that prevents lockpicking. The manufacturers also include dual locking levers which protect it from hammering and prying. Such features make it secure and ideal for personal spaces.


When you go shopping, you will realize that the shackles of this padlock come in different lengths. This makes it versatile since it can fulfill different needs. Choose the right shackle length according to your specific purpose. For instance, a briefcase would need a longer shackle compared to a cabinet.


The body of Master lock 140 contains wide solid brass which increases its strength and durability. It is a padlock that you can use for years without the need to replace it. The body is also resistant to corrosion eliminating the need for lubrication. This lock is equipped with hardened steel which also prevents an unauthorized person from using other techniques such as sawing. It is finished with satin brass.


Your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty. Though you may not use it due to the durability of master lock 140, it. You can always get another lock at no extra costs in case the original one is faulty.


  • It provides a smooth opening action
  • The shackle comes in different lengths
  • It is durable and corrosion-resistant


  • Some users report that it can still be picked
  • It is not ideal for exterior doors


How many keys do I get for this padlock?

  1. They include 2 keys so that you can always have a spare in case the main one gets misplaced.

Can I use this padlock on my locker?

It depends. The size of the latch on the locker is the one that can determine if this padlock can secure it. Not all lockers can fit this padlock. Try to estimate the dimensions of the latch before purchase.

Does the key have to be in the padlock for it to close?

No. You can close the shackle even if the key is not in the cylinder.

How secure is master lock 140?

This padlock offers the right amount of security as long as you don’t use it on an external door. Features such as dual levers and 4 pin cylinder make it resistant from prying, hammering, cutting and sawing.

Can someone pick this lock?

Yes. Though the lock has security features to increase resistance, some people can pick the lock without using a lot of effort. That is why you should not try to secure valuable items using this padlock.


Padlocks differ in the construction, durability as well as the ability to secure spaces. Your purpose should help you choose a good padlock that will not disappoint. From our Master lock 140 review, I found this lock good enough for my cabinet. The inclusion of 4-pin cylinder and dual levels give it some form of resistance against the basic techniques of destroying locks. I also like its solid construction and shackle length. It not only looks good on my cabinet but also keeps my belongings safe. Its smooth opening action allows me to access my stuff any time without wasting time.