Orbitkey 2.0 canvas VS keybar – finding a long lasting keychain

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Check out the Orbitkey 2.0 canvas VS keybar to make the perfect key chain choice. The orbit key 2.0 may not hold so many keys but its canvas material will last your for ages

When you are looking for the perfect keychain, you have to keep two things in mind; expandability and durability. As a genitor, I handle so many keys and I end up losing most of them or breaking others. This is very dangerous because if anyone happens to come across the keys they will have access to some of the most restricted areas in the school.  I’m trying to propose a new key solution but before I do that, I have to have a convenient key in mind.

Differences between the Orbitkey 2.0 canvas and keybar – How do they compare?

Comparison Orbit key canvas Keybar- stonewashed aluminium
Capacity 2- 7 keys 12- 28 keys
Weight 1.44 ounces 1.6 ounces
Material Canvas and leather Aluminium
Length 4.8 inches 5.6 inches
Accessories Loop attached for accessories Titanium pocket clip
Check the price Check the price

Orbitkey 2.0 canvas VS keybar – a descriptive comparison


The keybar is thick and firm due to its metallic frame. It has screw and bolt attachment on both ends where you can install the keys. The straight curvature and rounded middle edges keeps the keys intact and prevent and form of destruction from pointed key edges.

Orbitkey 2.0 canvas is flexible, yet strong. The screw and bolt are attached to only one end of this key holder. The other end only has a loop attachment. The inner part of this holder has a thick leather material that only makes it stronger.


Keybar can hold up to 12 of your keys without extension. If an extension is installed, you could probably add up to 15 and more keys.  This makes the key holder convenient if you handle multiple keys every day.

Orbitkey can hold up to 7 keys on the screw. With an attachment, it could probably hold twice as much or more.


The materials are pretty much opposites. The keybar is made of high grade aluminium and has a titanium clip at the back. You can attach this to your pocket, belt straps, or any part of your clothe that is convenient.

Orbit key is made of a combination of canvas and leather on the inner part of the holder. The material is strong, durable and will keep the key edges from getting into contact with your skin or clothing.


As expected, the keybar is way heavier when there are no keys attached. Keybar weights at least 1.6 ounces but the weight is manageable when the keys are in your pocket.

Orbit key is 1.4 ounces, which you would expect because of the nature of the material. This makes the canvas orbit key convenient for travelling or pocket storage.

Keybar aluminium

Orbitkey 2.0 canvas VS keybar

The keybar key holder is made from high grade aluminium and rust free stainless steel which makes it damage free and long lasting. The ergonomic design is meant to minimise the bulkiness and make it easily portable even when the keys are attached.

The pocket sized keybar organises your keys perfectly making them easy to work with. The keybar can expand and combine with the extension crew to accommodate up to 28 normal sized home keys. It is an instant key organiser that minimises any jingle or tingle that comes with the basic key holders.  With this holder, you won’t have to worry about holes and scratches in your clothes or bags; the design keeps your keys compact and prevents the sharp edges.


  • You can attach different key sizes in the same holder
  • It is durable


  • The screws may loosen over time
  • It is expensive

Orbit key 2.0 canvas

Orbitkey 2.0 canvas VS keybar

The orbit 2.0 is made of a navy blue canvas and leather reinforcement at the bottom. It has both style and functionality when it comes to holding your keys. The leather and tightly woven canvas are water resistant and durable. This elegant keychain will not only suit your style but it will also organise your keys and keep them compact in your bag or pocket.

You won’t have to worry about any holes in your pockets or bags, the design ensures your keys are held securely and the sharp edges are concealed.  This key chain can hold up to 7 standard sized keys without any attachments. On one side, a d-ring is installed where you can attach bigger keys or your key fob and car keys.

The pros

  • It is light weight
  • The material is durable


  • It is expensive

The verdict

I am impressed that the keybar can hold more than 20 keys when it is expanded, which makes it much easier for me. We decided to go with this particular key holder because of the strong and durable material plus the way it can keep intact some of the most important keys.


Will the keybar hold oversized keys that have large square heads?

Any key that has a wide enough installation hole will fit into the keybar perfectly; the issue is that the key will stick out on the sides

Can I install membership cards on either key holder?

They will both accommodate loyalty cards including store loyalty, and gym membership cards. It all depends on the size of the card and the location of the hole for a perfect fit.

What is the maximum key length of the orbit key?

The orbit key is about 3 inches long; this means that it will accommodate any key that is less than three inches long. The size depends on the length of the key from the installation hole.

Will rotating the keys continuously loosen the keybar bolt?

Overtime, the bolt can become loose due to the rotation. Instead of buying a new key holder, you can simply replace the parts

Will thicker keys fit into the keybar?

With some proper spacing, you can add thick plastic keys with the washers still installed. However, this means that the keybar will become thicker and less pocket friendly.