Thorkey smart key organiser VS Orbit key 2.0 rubber – an environmental key chain

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The thorkey smart key organiser is made from unique vegetable tanned leather, this helps reduce animal cruelty. Thorkey smart key vs obrit key 2.0 will help you find and organise your keys while saving the planet simultaneously.

As an environmentalist, before I make any decision I always consider its impact to the environment. Metal key chains can be dangerous to the environment when they are not disposed of well, that is why I am considering a more biodegradable key option.  The search was long and hard, but I got a few key holders that may just cut it for now.

Differences between Thorkey smart key organiser and Orbit key 2.0 rubber – How do they compare?

Comparison Orbit key 2.0 canvas Thorkey smart key organiser
Capacity 2-7 keys 2-10 keys
Weight 1.44 ounces 1.44 ounces
Material Canvas and leather Vegetable tanned leather and stainless steel
Length 4.8 inches 79mm
Accessories Loop attachment for accessories Extra loop is installed for desired accessories
Check the price Check the price

Thorkey VS Orbitkey 2.0  – A descriptive comparison


The orbitkey 2.0 is feels strong and compact, it is made into a loop shape with one end of the holder having a screw and bolt for key attachment and the other for loops and other desired attachments. This blue canvas has a strong and kind of rough feel to it.

Thorkey organiser is smooth with the same loop shape. Like the orbit key, you can only install your multiple keys on a screw on one end unless you have extra keys to attach.


They both work pretty well, considering they only have one screw for key attachment. The thorkey can hold up to 10 standard sized keys, after attachment, it can hold almost twice as much.

When compared to thorkey, the orbit key is inferior in key capacity. Orbit key will hold up to 7 standard sized keys without attachments but like thorkey, you can add double the number after a good expansion.


The question here is? Which material is stronger? Orbitkey 2.0 is made of a strong canvas that is reinforced with leather on the inside. Not only is the key holder stylish and functional, it is also organic as well.

The thorkey smart organiser is made from thick, unique vegetable leather. This holder is functional, organic, and stylish and most importantly reduces animal cruelty.


You can attach desires accessories to both key chain through the loop added on the opposite side of the key holder. When looking for any accessory, ensure it is small so that you won’t add any extra baggage to your key chain.

Orbit key 2.0 canvas

Thorkey smart key organiser VS Orbit key 2.0 rubber

This key holder is the perfect balance between style and functionality.  The materials are tightly woven canvas reinforced with leather on the inside that is water resistant and strong for maximum durability.  This key holder can accommodate up to 7 keys. T

he d ring attachment on one end provides you with a chance to add bigger keys and car keys. With this instant key organiser you won’t have to worry about any more jingles and scratches to your pockets and bags. The bolt is strong and durable, meaning you won’t have to re-tighten it after a while.


  • The leather canvas is water resistance
  • It is durable


  • It is pricey

Thorkey smart key organizer

Thorkey smart key organiser VS Orbit key 2.0 rubber

This Swiss army key chain and organizer will help you keep your keys neat and organised. It can take up to 10 standard sized key sizes. It also acts as a fob holder and holds your keys tightly to reduce any noises. This compact hold will protect your skin and valuables from getting key scratches.  Clutter and pocket holes will no longer be a problem when you have this key chain.

This key holder is made from unique vegetable tanned leather which helps to keep animals from harm’s way. The leather is Italian, beautiful, unique and strong, and will probably last your for quite some time.  The design is very practical and easy to understand.  The secure lock mechanism keeps all your keys in position. You can adjust the bolt to organize them more loosely if you like.


  • The leather is 100% vegetarian
  • The bolts won’t loosen over time


  • It is quite pricey

The verdict

It was hard to make the right decision. Both canvas and leather are perfect environmental friendly key chains. I preferred to go with both options and use them interchangeably.  The leather key organiser is made of beautiful strong vegetable tanned leather but it is still strong, durable and functions perfectly.


What is the difference between the leather on the thorkey and the one on the orbitkey?

The thorkey is made of full grain leather and the orbit key s genuine leather. They are all well constructed and guaranteed to last you for a while.

Does the thorkey allow for larger key storage?

Unfortunately, you cannot store larger keys on the screw end. The loop attachment allows for the installation of car keys and other accessories.

Can you install painted keys in the key holder?

If you arrange them properly, your keys will not face any damage.  More than anything, the keys are less likely going to incur any damages than they would in a simple key chain.

Can car keys and apartment keys fit into the orbit key leather?

Any keys can fit into the orbit key leather but there are length restrictions. Some keys are wide and will stick out on the sides but it is not any less functional.

Will the orbit key leather loop be able to keep the keys in place?

It is designed with a canvas on the inside to keep the structure firm. The screws and locks tighten to keep the keys in one position.

What is the maximum key length for both thorkey and orbit key?

The orbit key canvas can accommodate 4 inch keys while the orbitkey leather is restricted to 3 inched keys for the best fit.