Orbitkey canvas vs leather – a long lasting key chain

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The inside of the orbit key canvas is reinforced with smooth leather and a double stitch. To find a durable key chain, check out the Orbitkey canvas vs leather review.

Finding an affordable key chain that works well to organise your keys is one thing; finding one that will serve you for a countless period of time is another. I live in a city and this means I have to keep my door locked always and keep my keys safe to prevent any form or burglary. One main problem about the key holders I get is that they are bulky, make my keys disorganised and won’t last me for more than one month. I have made a choice to find the perfect keys to keep my keys compact and will last me for quite a while.

Differences between Orbitkey canvas and leather – How do they compare?

Comparison Orbit key leather Orbit key canvas
Capacity 2- 7 keys 2-7 keys
Weight 1.44 ounces 1.44 ounces
Material Leather Canvas and Leather
Length 4.8 inches 4.8 inches
Accessories Loop on one end of the holder Loop attachment for installation
Check the price Check the price

orbitkey canvas vs orbitkey leather  – the descriptive comparisons


Orbitkey canvas is flexible, yet strong. The screw and bolt are attached to only one end of this key holder. The other end only has a loop attachment. The inner part of this holder has a thick leather material that only makes it stronger.

Orbit key leather is made into the same shape by the same designers but looks thicker. The locking mechanism for key installation is also placed on one end while the other has a loop attachment.


Both key holders can manage around the same number of keys without any attachment. You can install from 2 to 7 keys comfortably depending on their sizes. The loop extension on one end of both holders allows you to add larger keys like car keys, fob keys and even more extensions.


The orbit key is made of good quality leather. The tan stitching on the leather holder holds is firmly to ensure it lasts you longer. This black leather makes the keychain stylish and comfortable while working to keep your keys contact.

Orbit key is made of a combination of canvas and leather on the inner part of the holder. The material is strong, durable and will keep the key edges from getting into contact with your skin or clothing.


Both key holders do not come with attached accessories, but you can install your own on the end of the holder with the loop attachment. Installing too many accessories will make the keychain more bulky and disorganised.


To my Surprise, the two key holders weigh the same when there are no keys attached. You would think that the leather would weigh more because it thicker, but it is exactly the same as the canvas.

Orbit key canvas

Orbitkey canvas vs leather

The orbit key chain can hold up to 7 standard sized keys without any attachments. A d-ring is attached on one side; you can attach bigger keys, accessories, a fob key and car keys. It is made of strong canvas material and the leather is attached on the inside. The leather and tightly woven canvas are water resistant and durable.

The orbit canvas offers both style and functionality; it works to keep your keys compact and stress free. This elegant keychain will not only suit your style but it will also organise your keys and keep them compact in your bag or pocket. You won’t have to worry about any holes in your pockets or bags, the design ensures your keys are held securely and the sharp edges are concealed.

The pros

  • The material is durable
  • It is light weight


  • It is expensive

Orbitkey leather

Orbitkey canvas vs leather

This key holder is the made out of the perfect tanned leather and has the look of a high quality key holder. It is designed to eliminate all the jingle and tangle that comes with a disorganised key chain by compactly holding them on a lock.

The locking screws and bolts on this holder are made of high grade stainless steel. These combinations of materials make this keychain water resistant and durable. The orbit tan stitched leather keychain is pocket friendly and is designed to protect your belongings from key holes, tears or scratches.

The pros

  • Made of high quality leather
  • Simple to install


  • It is pricey

The final verdict

The orbit key canvas seems like a better fit for me. I love that the canvas is reinforced with leather. It is strong, firm and keeps my keys compact at the same time. Best of all, the key holder is pocket friendly and I can add any extra accessories to the loop attached.


What is the maximum key length of the orbit key?

The orbit key is about 3 inches long; this means that it will accommodate any key that is less than three inches long. The size depends on the length of the key from the installation hole.

Will rotating the keys continuously loosen the keybar bolt?

Overtime, the bolt can become loose due to the rotation. Instead of buying a new key holder, you can simply replace the parts.

Does the loop stay in place when the key is installed?

The loop is strong and tight; it works to keep your keys in place. If you install the right number of keys and add some few washers, the keys will stay in place and will not produce any jingling sounds.

Do either of the keys comes with loose parts and will you have to assembly the parts?

Both key holders come when fully assembled. The only part you will have to put together is the screw after you have installed the keys on your key holder.

 Can I organise any VIP, membership or shopping cards on the orbitkey?

Depending on the card’s shape and keyhole, you can install it on your keychain perfectly. Installing it on the loop is more convenient because it will not mess with the arrangement on the screw.