Schlage b60 vs. b600-Upgrade your security system in style

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Schlage is a dedicated lock maker that designs long lasting and easy to install locks. This Schlage b60 vs. b600 review will help you compare the two locks so that you can choose the best for your needs.

I am a successful business lady and a spinister. I love the peace that comes from having my own apartment and living alone. Due to my occupation, I spend a lot of time outdoors. My next door neighbor was robbed recently, and this made me reconsider my security measures. I was having trouble sleeping due to wild imaginations of someone breaking into my house next. My goal was to upgrade my lock, and I was torn between installing Schlage b60 and b600. I was convinced that these two locks could end my worries and secure my house, but I had trouble settling for one. I, therefore, put together a brief comparison of the two.

What are the differences between Schlage b60 and b600? How do they compare?

Name Schlage b60 Schlage B600
Pin cylinder Five pin cylinder 6 pin cylinder
Adjustable/no-adjustable Adjustable Non-adjustable
Purpose residential Commercial
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Schlage b60 vs. b600, what distinguishes the two?


Both Schlage B60 and B600 are Grade 1 deadbolts. They are however designed for different purposes. B60 has limited key options making it suitable for residential purposes. If you want a good lock for your home, choose Schlage B60.  B600 is mostly used for commercial purposes due to its versatile key options. It comes with additional features that boost security in stores.


Manufacturers design Schlage B60 for light usage. It has a 5-pin cylinder while B-600 makes use of 6 pin cylinders. When it comes to construction, B60 is not as strong as B600. The deadbolt latch of B600 is heavy duty to boost its operation. By looking at the two, you can easily tell that B600 feels and looks stronger than B60.


Another distinguishing factor between the two locks is the price. B60 is an affordable lock that every homeowner can afford. It costs only $ 35. B600, on the other hand, is expensive and designed for business people looking for extra security for their stores. It costs $ 135. Though both of them are capable of giving you maximum security, they have different features that make them different in price.

Schlage b60

Schlage b60 vs. b600

Schlage B60 is a single cylinder type of lock that is not only affordable but also difficult to drill through. The installation of this lock is straightforward, and you can do it without hiring the services of a professional. It comes in a Satin finish which gives it a flattering accent.

The deadbolt is resistant to different forms of forced entry. It features a steel sleeve that gives the bolt protection against prying or sawing. By installing this lock, you can have peace of mind knowing that no thief can break your lock using pliers. B60 has a five pin tumbler which is mounted with some spool pins. Unlike cylindrical pins, spool pins come with sharp edges which make the door hard to lockpick or bump.


  • The lock is bump-proof
  • It is durable and has an elegant finish


  • Comes with difficult to follow guidelines

Schlage b600

Schlage b60 vs. b600

If you own a store, you should install Schlage B600 lock to prevent any intruders from breaking in. Though this lock mechanism is sometimes used at homes, it is suited for commercial purposes. B600 is a grade 1 single cylinder lock that has crucial features to prevent it from breaking easily. The steel alloy deadbolt contains hardened steel roll to stop anyone from kicking in your door.

It contains 6-pin cylinders that are built with a lot of precision. The pin cylinders include phosphorus bronze springs and silver pins that provide smooth operation. You can operate the deadbolt using a key on the exterior and thumb turn on the interior trim. The deadbolt can fit on every door and boost the lock’s strength.


  • It is sturdy and resistant to kick-ins
  • Numerous key options


  • Installation is not easy


When we look at Schlage B60 vs. b600, we can tell that both of these locks offer enhanced security at different levels. They are Grade I single cylinder locks that have been tested and approved for residential and commercial use. Installing any of these locks can eliminate worries of a break in for good.

Schlage B600 is; however, a better version compared B60. It solves security issues due to its additional features such as increased bolt size to resist kick-ins and an easy to grip thumb turn. Though the lock comes at a high price, it is solidly constructed to increase its strength and sturdiness. The numerous features convinced me to settle for this lock for both my store and home, and I am glad I did.


What is a single cylinder deadbolt?

This is a lock that uses a key to open from the outside and a thumb turn lever from the inside. The two ways of operating the lock increase safety and convenience in emergencies.

Are schlage locks hard to bump?

Yes. Most of the schlage locks are secure to prevent forms of attacks such as bumping.  In this technique, people gain access to a house by tampering with the lock using a screwdriver. Schlage locks prevent this.

What is a Grade 1 deadbolt?

Reputable bodies such as ANSI/ BHMA put security standards to rate locks according to theirquality. Deadbolts rated grade 1 mean that they are high quality locks that have passed numerous tests.

Which features should I be looking for when buying a schlage lock?

Consider the size of the bolt, sturdiness and strength, installation as well as the type of cylinder. All the factors determine how secure the lock is and how easy it is to use.

Which brand is the best for residential use?

Schlage locks are known to provide you with maximum home security. You can also check out other highly rated brands such as Kwikset and Medeco.