Schlage b60 vs. Kwikset 980-Your first defense mechanism against burglars

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Protect your possessions and family by installing deadbolts on exterior doors. Kwikset and Schlage are reliable companies that produce high-quality deadbolts. Go through this Schlage b60 vs. Kwikset 980 comparison to learn more about them.

I was looking forward to my housewarming party which I had organized to enjoy with my close friends. Nothing is as exiting as owning a home. I bought a lot of things for the party since I was planning to hold a big event. Unfortunately, the night before the big day, some malicious strangers accessed my home and got away with a lot of items. This ordeal left me shattered, and I had to cancel all my plans. It was painful, but the experience taught me the importance of having secure locks. I was planning to use my remaining savings on getting a secure lock to avoid further attacks. The confusion between choosing Schlage b60 and Kwikset 980 is what led me to create this comparison table.

What are the differences between Schlage b60 and Kwikset 980? How do they compare

Name Schlage b60 Kwikset 980
Design Pin tumbler Wafer tumbler
Weight 3.6 pounds 2.6 pounds
Security pins 4 2
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Schlage B60 vs. Kwikset 980- What are the main differences?


The producers of these two brands use different mechanisms to boost the performance of each model. For instance, Kwikset 980 incorporates the use of re-key technology to increase convenience. You can use the same key on all of your locks and deny access to unauthorized people. Schlage b60, on the other hand, makes use of the Snap-n-stay-technology which allows you to install the lock in a few minutes.

Screw size

Screws play a significant role in securing a lock. Most intruders drill the screws of a lock when they want to gain entry into a home. The drill resistant plate of Schlage b60 protects the screws from getting compromised. This model has stronger and bigger screws compared to Kwikset making the lock hard to drill through. Kwikset does not include a drill resistant plate like in the case of Schlage b60.

Security pins

Security pins found inside the cylinder of a lock makes it hard to pick. Schlage B60 has 4 security pins while Kwikset 980 has only 2. This means that it is harder to pick the Schlage lock compared to the Kwikset lock.

Schlage b60

Schlage b60 vs. Kwikset 980

Schlage B60 locks are known to offer superior protection against kick-ins and lock bumping. Thanks to its Snap-n-stay technology, the installation of this deadbolt is a breeze. You don’t need extra hands to install the lock or the services of professional. Easy installation saves you from incurring extra expenses.

The deadbolt can fit any standard doors. It is designed for residential purposes. Unlike other locks, Schlage b60 has a sturdy housing which boosts its security. It has a 5-pin tumbler design which has 4 spool pins. The pins prevent an intruder from picking the lock. You can choose an ideal finish that matches with your hardware such as bright brass, matt black, satin chrome or antique brass.

This lock also fits pre-drilled holes well. It is a durable and robust lock that can last for years without the need for replacement. Your purchase also comes with a limited warranty for you to replace any defective parts.


  • It is a durable and strong deadbolt
  • The lock can fit different doors


  • The deadbolt lacks some of the key options

Kwikset 980

Schlage b60 vs. Kwikset 980

Intruders use different methods to access homes. While most of them rely on forced entry techniques, others are experts at picking locks quietly. You can prevent yourself from all of these methods by picking a secure lock such as Kwikset 980.

This model uses the rekey technology which gives you complete control of your home. Manufacturers equip this lock with SmartKey security which makes it hard to break in. It is bump-proof and allows you to rekey your lock within seconds. This ensures that your padlocks and all your locks share a common key.

Kwikset is a tough and attractive deadbolt that is finished using polished brass. It is a single cylinder deadbolt which contains a bump-guard to prevent your lock from bumping.  This is a brand that is ANSI certified.


  • Use rekey technology to secure your home
  • Has a solid construction


  • It has a weak housing


From assessing Schlage b60 vs. Kwikset 980, we can tell that both brands make high quality locks. Schlage b60, however, wins in our comparison since it provides a stronger housing and bigger bolts compared to Kwikset 980. It also features a drill resistant plate which prevents intruders from using forced entry techniques on your door. Though Schlage b60 is more costly than Kwikset 980, I was ready to spend some extra cash to get a lock that is not easy to compromise.


How safe is Kwikset Smartkey mechanism?

Though this system had flaws when it is was first introduced, the manufacturers made some changes on it to increase safety. The only way that an intruder can gain entry through a lock with this mechanism is through drilling.

Can I rekey Kwikset 980 lock?

Yes. It includes the rekeying system which makes it easy for you to change the lock when you want. Rekeying increases convenience and allows you to control who can access your house.

Is schlage b60 a good brand?

Yes. The lock offers your home ample protection against different types of attacks. The manufacturers also use durable components to make it a sturdy lock that you can use for long.

Can I rekey Schlage b60 lock?

This does not come with the rekey mechanism. You can, however, purchase a rekey kit separately and install it in your lock. This means that you have to incur extra charges if want to rekey the lock.

Do I get a warranty for my schlage lock?

Yes. Schlage locks come with a lifetime warranty for you to replace parts without incurring extra costs. The warranty covers both the mechanical elements and the finish wear.