Schlage b60 vs. Medeco-The secret to achieving maximum security at home

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 Medeco and Schlage have been making locks for years now. They are famous for using heavy duty technology to make secure deadbolts. Our Schlage vs. Medeco comparison will help you tell them apart.

I am the sentimental kind of people who hold on to things for years. Though my children wanted us to relocate, I could not imagine living in a new location. I loved my house even if it was not in the best condition. I kept on postponing my renovation plans, but when things started getting out of hand, I was left with no other option. My chimney needed servicing, locks required changing, and the house needed new paint. Choosing a secure lock to replace the old one was not easy since I was torn between Schlage b60 and Medeco. I, therefore, came up with a comparison table to find out the best lock for my house.

What are the differences between Schlage b60 and Medeco? How do they compare

Name Schlage b60 Medeco
Security pins 4 2
Weight 1.5 pounds 3.05 pounds
Dimensions 1×2.5×2.5 inches 7.4 × 4.5×2.9 inches
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Schlage b60 vs. Medeco- What are the main differences?


Schlage b60 is a light duty lock that is easy to install. If you don’t want to incur extra expenses of hiring a professional to install your lock, choose Schlage B60. Its Snap-n-stay design enhances the installation process.

Medeco, on the other hand, is a lock that comes with a complicated installation process. Though the manufacturer provides a manual, you may need to hire the services of an expert to get it to install it. Consider the additional cost of installation as you weigh both models.


Just by looking at Medeco locks, you can tell that they are solidly constructed. The manufacturer uses brass components on the lock to make it strong and durable. It also contains stainless steel inserts that protect the lock from physical attacks. The construction of Schlage b60 is not as solid as that of Medeco.


Medeco is a heavy duty lock that is heavier than Schlage b60. The weight increases its resistant to physical attacks.

Schlage b60

Schlage b60 vs. Medeco

This is a lock that is designed to withstand almost anything. It is an ANSI-Grade 1 deadbolt that comes with a keyhole on the outer part and a thumb turn on its interior. This makes it convenient for both the children and the elderly.

The lock delivers a smooth operation on different doors. You will also like the way it looks since its finish blends well with your hardware. Installing Schlage b60 is an easy process since the manufacturer includes a Snap-n-stay design. This design secures the lock in a firm position during installation. You can use the lock on different doors that vary in their sizes. It has a universal latch that is adjustable thus enhancing its performance.

Schlage b60 is designed to resist forced entry using items such as a hammer, wrench, saw or a crowbar. The cylindrical lock has a satin nickel finish which makes it perfect for exterior doors. It adds a tasteful accent to your home.


  • It is easy to install
  • Delivers a smooth operation


  • Not ideal for business premises


Schlage b60 vs. Medeco

Medeco is one of the trusted brands in the market. It is a high-security lock that is designed for residential purposes. It comes with a triple locking mechanism and Medeco 3 cylinder. Like Schlage B60, Medeco locks have a keyhole on the outer part and a thumb turn on the interior.

It is a bump proof lock that prevents your door from being bumped. It is also among the Grade 1 rated locks that have been tested and approved. The lock can fit well in doors which are 2 inches or 1-3/4 inches thick.  It comes with two 5-pin security keys which enhance its security.

Some people are also attracted to its modern and slick design. The lock mechanism of this deadbolt prevents multiple duplications of keys by unauthorized personnel. It is a heavy duty lock that needs professional installation.


  • Uses a triple lock mechanism
  • It does not respond to duplicates


  • It may be hard to install


From the comparison of Schlage b60 vs. Medeco, you can easily identify the key features that make a good deadbolt. Both of these models may come from reputable manufacturers, but they have specific features that perform different functions. For instance, Schlage b60 includes patented technology which increases its efficiency while Medeco uses a triple lock mechanism.

Having evaluated the two, I found Medeco a better brand than Schlage b60. This is because it is a heavy duty lock that is bump-proof. The lock mechanism prevents intruders from using duplicated keys making it a secure lock. Though I had to hire a professional to install Medeco on my exterior door, I am glad about my choice. The expert also approved this lock.


Is Schlage b60 a bump resistant lock?

Not completely. The specifications say that it is a pick-resistant lock. A person who has skills in bumping locks may have access to a home with this lock.

How does snap-n-stay design help?

It ensures that you can install your lock easily without hiring the services of a locksmith. The design ensures that the screws remain in a secure position as you install the lock.

Can someone duplicate medeco keys?

Only a certified locksmith isequipped enough to duplicate these type of keys. They are supposed to record and also verify each transaction. The medeco lock is secure from duplicate keys.

Is Medeco a better brand than Schlage?

Both of these brands may be highly rated but Medeco seems to provide ultimate security compared to Schlage. The manufacturer of medeco makes heavy duty locks that resist bumping.

Should I hire a locksmith to install a medeco lock?

Yes. The installation process of this type of lock is complicated especially if you a new to the lock. When choosing the lock, have in mind additional charges of hiring a professional to install it.