The Best Door Knob in 2019

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When choosing the best door knob to buy, it is vital to have a clear understanding of the various types of doorknobs available in the market. Read on to find the ideal door knob for your door.

Apart from their functional duties, doorknobs significantly impact a door’s visual appearance as well as ensuring the safety of any building or home. Lately, I have been overwhelmed by the number of new door hardware options available in the market. From ornate brass hinges and locksets to sleek brushed-chrome knobs, the possibilities are endless. After a lengthy online search, I finally found the best door knob for my doors.

Here is a table outline of the doorknobs I came across

Model Schlage Plymouth Doorknob Prime-line doorknob Master Lock Tulip Entry Door Knob Kwikset Cove Knob Brinks Tulip Style Entry Door Knob
Material High-quality metal such as brass and bronze Case-hardened steel, plastic, and brass Top-quality metal and a brass finish Metal All metal construction
Weight 1 pound 0.7 pounds 2.2 pounds 1 pound 1.33 pounds
ANSI Rating Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 3
Check price Check price Check price Check price Check price

Take a look at this comprehensive comparison of the doorknobs

Schlage Plymouth Doorknob

The Best Door Knob

Schlage is a popular and reliable name when it comes to high-quality door hardware. Schlage Plymouth doorknob comes in both satin nickel and matte black. Its federal-structure style and extraordinary simplicity makes it a good fit for a wide variety of personal styles.

This model is slightly more expensive as compared to other brands, but offers a more robust physical construction and is harder to pick and bump. The company has various models with several finishes, making it a trusted brand and the best low-cost option available when looking for the best door knob.

Made from top-quality materials, Plymouth features reliable performance and enduring style. Its resilient nature is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms around the house.


  • Durable with a good satin nickel finish and a matte black finish
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Fits the standard door preparation


  • Light in weight
  • Sometimes catches when used on interior doors

Prime-Line Mortise Fluted Glass Door Knob

The Best Door Knob

Famous for its polished brass finish, this impressive door knob is perfect for updating and replacing interior door hardware. Its beautiful and classic design is an excellent choice for vintage or antique doors.

The installation process is quite simple with only a few items purchased separately. This Prime-line lockset is key activated from both the inside and the outside. In case of an emergency, you may order spare keys through a special note to the manufacturer. Due to its adjustable latch bolt, the knob is reversible for right or left handed installations.


  • Perfect for vintage style home décor
  • Can be used for both left and right-hand installations
  • Classy finish
  • Reasonably priced doorknob


  • For interior use only
  • It only fits a specific type of door; majorly depends on material and thickness of the door
  • Plastic-made doorknob

Master Lock Tulip Entry Door Knob

The Best Door Knob

Manufactured by Masterlock, this keyed tulip style knob, and single cylinder deadbolt is excellent for residential exterior entry doors. Apart from its easy to install feature, it is a very secure choice for buyers particularly interested in home safety.

This attractive door knob has an antique and classy finish sure to blend with any existing door style and hardware. The knob features a six-way adjustable latch. It comes together with a deadbolt, which chas a four-way adjustable lock bolt, perfect for all doors with 2-3/8in or 2-3/4 in square, backset, square, drive-in and rounded corners.


  • Built from robust and high-quality material
  • Cannot be easily broken into
  • Stylish and modern for any home style
  • Affordable option


  • Requires replacement after every ten years or so, depending on the frequency of use
  • Can easily get locked inside or outside your house

Kwikset Cove Knob

The Best Door Knob

If you are looking for a basic door knob, then this is the best door knob for you. This passage knob with a traditional colonial era design is fit for interior use. It makes a simple yet elegant statement on any of your doors.

Available for left and right-hand installation, its fully reversible doorknob, and adjustable latch fits all standard door preparations. This model is best for interior use where no locking functionality is required.


  • Perfect fit for people looking for a more muted appearance
  • Function on mobile home doors
  • Easy to install using only a screwdriver
  • Comes with a key in case of emergencies
  • Available in multiple styles and finishes


  • Can easily lock from the inside of the door on accident
  • Needs to be replaced after constant use

Brinks Tulip Entry Doorknob

The Best Door Knob

As a global industry leader in manufacturing top tier security-related products, this product from Brinks is no different. Its traditional-style finish subtly blends with any home decor. Brinks Tulip Entry Doorknob’s interior non-locking function is perfect for children’s bedrooms, closets, and hallways.

With a four-way adjustable latch, this nifty doorknob fits any standard door preparation. Its square spindle drive provides support and ensures easy installation by only using a screwdriver. If you are looking for a pick, bump and drill resistant door knob which is durable and offers high security, Brinks Doorknob is your best buy.


  • Top security guaranteed
  • Easy installation using a Phillips screwdriver
  • Durable
  • Attractive appearance
  • Fits any standard door prep


  • Does not fit mobile home doors
  • Frequent accidents of people getting locked outside


All the options discussed above offer something different to each homeowner. Whether you are looking for decorative designs or those that are more resilient, the doorknob market has something for you. When searching for the best doorknob, factor in your home furnishings as well as the budget you have set aside.

The Master lock Tulip Entry Doorknob is my personal favorite. Its antique brass finish, Silvabond Antimicrobial Protected coating, and anti-pry shield fit all my requirements for the best door knob for my house. For a cheaper alternative, the Kwikset Cove knob is a great choice. For advanced security measures, Prime-line door knob offers a lock bolt which is key activated from the inside and outside.


How do I choose the vest doorknob for my doors?

Factors such as the size of your door’s borehole, size of the backset, your door’s thickness, home décor, and budget contribute to the type of doorknob you purchase. If in doubt, always consult the manufacturer’s service team for clarification and installation processes.

Are doorknobs available in a standard size?

The standard size of a doorknob’s diameter is either 2 3/8 inches or 2 3/4 inches, which fits the standard door size of anywhere between 1 3/8 inches to 1 3/4 inches thick. Be sure to check the measurements of the doorknob and whether it is designed to fit standard sized doors.

Do doorknobs come with keys?

Most doorknobs come with only one key to lock from outside while others require the use of a key to lock from both the inside and the outside. Some keyed entry doorknobs also come in locksets which include deadbolts.

What are the different types of doorknobs?

There are a wide variety of doorknobs available in today’s market. Some of them include dummy doorknobs, passage doorknobs, keyed entry doorknobs, privacy doorknobs, door levers, and handle sets.


What is a mortise doorknob?

A mortise doorknob uses a lock or latch mechanism. You find it at the edge of a door. On the other hand, a rim doorknob is a decorative surface mounted box.