Don’t Dismiss the Yale Keypad Lock Manual Just Yet – There Really Is a Lot to Learn

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All Yale products come with a manual to guide users on different aspects of use. If you lost your Yale keypad lock manual and are wondering where to get another one, read on.

I have had my Yale keypad lock for several months now. I still need to refer to the manual every so often but I can’t trace the manual it came with when I bought it. How can I get another one?

yale lock manual

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A manual (or user guide) is a technical communication document written to assist users of a product learn how to use it. They are usually written by the manufacturing company’s technical writers and are mostly associated with electronic devices, computer hardware and software.

Yale Real Living Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock

This is one of Yale’s most popular keypad locks. Unlike traditional style keyed locks which use the pin-and-tumbler system, keypad locks are more technologically advanced. Keypad locks allow you to enter a pre-set code on a keypad to unlock the lock.

Just like any other device, manufacturers of Yale locks have compiled a manual for each of their products. Manuals are not only availed when a user buys the product but are also available online.

Here are some keydetails you can learn from aYale Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock manual.


Lock codes are 4-8 digit numbers which when entered on the keypad automatically unlock the door. This lock requires you to set amaster PIN codeanduser PIN codes.The master PIN code is set on installation, after re-setting the lock to factory default. A master PIN must be set before you can proceed to any form of programming of the lock. It is the primary password which allows entry through the door. It is also the password used when adding and removing users or doing any other kind of configuration.

User codes are specific passwords assigned to individual users of the door. Multiple user PIN codes are commonly used in offices and other commercial buildings where many people need to access the building. This Yale keypad lock can accommodate up to 20 users. The lock’s memory is divided into 20 slots, each numbered 1 to 20. Each user is assigned a slot and a unique code linked to the slot.

When you need to stop one of the users from getting access to the building, you can delete their code. You will need to enter the master PIN and then specify the specific slot the user was assigned.

Key Card

A key cardor tag is a small plastic card with magnetically encoded data which is read by the lock and is used instead of a key. According to the Yale keypad lock manual, this lock can take up to 20 key cards. Key cards operate using numbered slots assigned to specific cards, just as user PIN codes are assigned to users. To add a keycard, the master code must be entered, followed by the specific slot assigned to the card. If you accidentally try to add a keycard to an already assigned slot, the lock will sound an error beep. The same will happen if you try to add a keycard that has already been added.


The lock uses four AA, 1.5V (LR6)alkaline batterieswith an operating voltage of 4.5 – 6V. These are expected to last about 12 months with an average use frequency of 10 times a day. When batteries are running low, the low battery lamp lights up with a small red light. It is best to replace all four batteries at once. If the batteries are not replaced and they die out completely with the door locked, you can use a 9V battery for emergency power. Do this by placing the 9V battery on the emergency power supply terminal then activating the lock with the palm of your hand. Once the lock is powered up, enter your PIN code to unlock the door. With the door open, you can now replace the batteries.


Although some people prefer to figure out the workings of the lockas they use it, manuals are no doubt a helpful reference for any device. These are just some of the details you can find in the Yale Keypad lock manual. Yale is one of many companies which now provide product manuals for their locksonline. This is especially beneficial to users who don’t have access to the hard copy manuals they got when they purchased the lock but still need to refer to the guide.


My Yale keypad lock does not lock even when I enter the correct code. What is wrong with it?

There may be insufficient clearance for the deadbolt to extend. Try increasing the depth of the pocket in which the bolt rests when the door is locked.

When I enter my user code, the screen displays an ‘invalid code’ message or times out. I am sure I have the right code.  Why is this happening?

Sounds like the ‘lock out’ mode is enabled.  It can be disabled using the master code. Get in touch with the master user to disable it.

The Yale keypad lock works fine but it doesn’t make a sound? Is that normal?

Silent mode is enabled

I’ve put in my code several times but the lock doesn’t respond at all.

The lock might be on privacy mode which can only be set from the inside. If not, then the batteries may be completely dead. Use the mechanical key to open the door and replace the batteries.