How to Go About Yale Keypad Lock Code Change – Easy, Step-By-Step Directions

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Setting and changing codes on a keypad lock can be a little bit confusing. If you are a keypad lock user who is still struggling with the do’s, don’ts and how’s of Yale keypad lock code change, this post is for you.

I work for a rental property management company and often get called to help tenants with code problems on the Yale keypad locks installed in the units. I need to come up with an easy, step-by-step set of directions.

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How Keypad Locks Work

You have probably come across a wide variety of lock types used to meet different users’ security needs. Most are pin-and-tumbler lockswhich require a key to open a door. Keypad locks are a technological advancement to pin-and-tumbler locks because they do not require a key to operate.  These are operated using pre-set codes which when entered using the keypad, automatically unlock the door. Keyless locks were originally made for cars with remote entry systems, but have been modified to for homes.

Yale Keypad Lock Codes

Yale keypad locks are operated using two types of codes. Master codesanduser codes.

Master Code: This is the primary password to the lock. When you purchase the lock, it comes with a factory setting master code which you are required to change when installing the lock. This code will be used to enable the master user do all necessary configurations like adding and removing users, adding key tags or adding remote controls.  The master code also allows entry through the door.

User Codes: These are specific codes assigned to various individuals who need to use the door. If an office is fitted with a Yale keypad lock for instance, all staff members will need to be assigned a user code which they will use to open the door. The number of user codes available is dependent on the specific type of lock. Some locks can only take 20 user codes while others can hold up to 250 users. The lock’s memory is divided into slots numbered 1 to 20 (or 1 to 250 depending on the number of slots it has.) Each user code is assigned a slot which is assigned to a specific individual. It is important that the master user maintains a code log.This is a basic, but crucial record of names of individual users and the slots assigned to them.

Yale Keypad Lock Code Change

How to Change a User Code:Taking an office scenario as an example, there may be need to delete a user code when the individual it is assigned to leaves the organization. To do this, the master user will need to:

  • Enter the master code
  • Access the lock’s menu and select ‘User Code Set Up’
  • Select ‘Delete User Code’
  • Enter the slot number for the user code to be deleted

If an existing user wishes to change their code, the master user simply deletes the user code using the above process then assigns a new code to the same slot number.


How to Change a Master Code:  In the event that you lose the master code, the lock must be re-set to factory default settings. Under these settings, the master code is automatically set as 123456. Here is how to re-set the lock to factory settings.

  • Remove the inside cover by pressing the two release buttons on the body of the lock
  • Remove power from the lock by removing one of the batteries.
  • Press the (R) button and hold it down as you return the battery into its slot to power up the lock
  • After several seconds, you will hear a two tone beep sound. This confirms that the master code is re-set to 123456. All user codes, key cards and/or remotes previously configured have been deleted.

One-Day Code

If you are expecting a sensitive delivery and will not be available to receive it, you can set a one-day code for the delivery guy. He will use the code to gain access to your house and leave the package safe inside your house. The code automatically expires after 24 hours so there is no chance he can gain access to your house again. Here is how to set a one-day code.

  • Enter the master code
  • Access the lock’s menu and select ‘One day code settings’
  • Enter the new code.
  • Press the pound key to complete


Keypad lock users are advised to change their codes periodically and avoid obvious codes with birthdays and anniversaries. This helps to maintain tight security even if someone managed to guess one of the user’s codes or hack it. Yale keypad lock code change should be kept to a minimum. The master code should be well guarded by one individual and not several people. It goes without saying that irresponsible use of the master code presents serious security risks and could bring about much confusion especially when many user codes are involved.


The lights on my Yale keypad lock have gone dim.

Battery power is running low. It is best to replace them immediately rather than wait until they die out completely

I am trying to set a user PIN code on my Yale keypad lock but it won’t register

  • Check that you don’t have the same PIN for more than one user
  • The star (*) and pound (#) key are not accepted as part of a PIN code
  • When setting codes, the number must be entered within 20 seconds. If you take longer than that, it reverts to the start and the process has to be restarted

The deadbolt does not retract and extendsmoothly. Can I fix it myself?

  • Check that the bolt and strike plate are properly aligned.
  • The bolt may have been installed wrongly. Check that the bolt is facing the right side.

Can I retain the factory default set master code? It’s a lot easier to remember

Yale lock default setting master codes are all the same. It will be a security risk for you to retain it because an intruder can easily gain access to your property.