Why Your Yale Door Lock KeypadIs NotWorking- 4Common Reasons

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Every keyless lock user has at one point entered a passcode to unlock the door only for the door to remain locked. If it sometimes seems like your Yale door lock keypad is not working even when you enter your passcode, read on.

I have fitted and repaired many Yale door locks over the years. I cannot tell you how many times I have been called in to solve the ‘mystery’ of suddenly faulty keypads. Very often there is absolutely nothing wrong with the keypad.

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The keypad on a keyless lock is one of the most crucial parts of the lock system. It is not only the face of the lock but the surface on which you enter your code to enable you operate it. It is just as essential as a keyhole in a traditional lock.

The most common reason behind a malfunctioning lock is lack of battery power. Sometimes, the keypad is more than sufficiently powered and you are able to enter your code just fine, only that it doesn’t produce the desired result. That is to lock or unlock the door.

Here are some reasons why you might enter your code with no success at locking or unlocking the door.

Privacy Mode Setting

You get to the front door, enter your passcode as usual but the lock doesn’t unlock like it usually does. Instead you get a message telling you to try accessing the house later. You try entering your code again but the same message comes up. Privacy mode is enabled.

When privacy mode is on, it may look like the Yale door lock keypad is not working. It is disabled such that it cannot be used to unlock the door. When a user enters a correct passcode, it gives a ‘Please try again at another time’ message. If you want to take a nap and want to avoid disturbances from people with Home Entry Only access, privacy mode is ideal.

This mode can be enabled and disabled using the connected app (if any) or using the keypad. If the lock is connected to an app like the nest app, you will have to disable privacy mode on the app and then use the keypad to unlock the door. If the lock is not connected to an app, or if you do not have access to the app, you will have to contact the master user to disable privacy mode for you to be able to use your passcode to unlock the door.

Wrong Passcode

No matter how many times you have used your passcode to unlock a Yale lock, it is not impossible to forget one or some digits of your code. When the wrong code is entered several times, the lock will automatically time out for one minute and the keypad will not respond to any entries. If you have Home Entry Only access you will have to contact the main user to either remind you what your passcode is or set a new one for you. If you have full access you can use the nest app to change your code then use the new one to unlock the door.

Outside Entry Schedule

Yale locks allow main users to set entry schedules within which users with Home Entry Only access can enter and exit the house. Schedules are ideal for sitters, dog walkers and other guests who are supposed to come into the house and leave at specific times. It is assumed that users with full access are members of the home and should therefore have unrestricted access to the house.

If you do not have full access, and find that your entry code is not working to unlock the door, you may be outside your scheduled entry time. To confirm, contact the master user to find out if you are indeed outside your scheduled entry time and if this user can revise the timings to enable you gain access to the house.

Inaccurate Calibration

Towards the end of the lock installation process, you are required to calibrate the lock. The door must be completely closed to allow the lock calibrate correctly. If the door was not fully shut when the calibration was done, it may have calibrated inaccurately. If an improperly calibrated lock is connected to an app it may indicate that the door is unlocked when it is locked or vice versa.

Wrong calibration may also confuse the lock system causing it to fail to lock or unlock when a correct code is entered on the keypad.

Final Thoughts

These are a few common reasons why it may appear that a Yale door lock keypad is not working. It is important to have a clear understanding of the overall working and capability of the lock to be able to recognize these problems and know exactly what needs to be done when they arise. This is especially so for the master user whose responsibility it is to set passcodes, assign levels of access and set entry schedules.


The door was open when the lock was being installed. It needs to be recalibrated. Can I do this without resetting the lock?

No. You will have to reset the lock to factory settings and recalibrate it. Resetting deletes all existing programming so you will have to redo any existing programming.

Can anyone else (besides the master user) schedule access times forHome Entry Only access users?

Yes, anyone with full access can schedule access times, change settings and even view account activity history.

How can I disable privacy mode on the lock?

There are two methods you could use to do this.

  1. Hold the white button down for a few seconds. You will hear a message indicating that privacy mode is off.
  2. Turn the thumb turn from the inside of the house. This automatically disables privacy mode.

Is there a maximum number of people who can be granted Home Entry Only access?

The Nest app takes up to 10 people with Home Entry Only access.