August smart lock review-A lock that boosts usefulness and intelligence while maintaining simplicity

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August is among the companies that have been at the forefront when it comes to upgrading our home security systems. They continue to impress customers with secure locks. This August smart lock review reveals more!

I reside in a place that is always raining even during the months when the sun should be scorching. When I decided to switch to smart locks, my main concern was getting one that had a useful auto lock feature. I wanted one that could help me get access to my house immediately from my car so that I would never have to fumble for keys out in the rain. After comparing different brands, I chose August smart lock, and it has fulfilled this need and enhanced our security.

What are the specifications of August smart lock?

Weight 13.9 ounces
Dimensions 1.6 × 2.6 × 4.8 inches
Warranty 1 year warranty
Batteries 4AA batteries
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August smart lock review

August smart lock

If you need a secure, user-friendly smart lock, consider August smart lock. It is a model that is packed with advanced technological systems to fulfill your specific needs. You don’t have to dismantle your existing deadbolt for you to install this lock. It can easily fit over the interior side of your deadbolt. This way, not even your neighbors can tell that you have upgraded your security system.

August smart lock review features

Keyless entry

For the people who forget to carry their keys, you can find relief operating your lock without relying on keys. August smart lock delivers a keyless operation by allowing you to lock and unlock your door through your smartphone. The August app enables you to control access to your home.

It allows you to give your guests virtual keys for them to access your home in your absence.  The fact that you get to keep your existing deadbolt means that you can still access your home with keys if the smart lock is not working. The keyed function acts as back-up during emergencies.

Automatic operation

You can gain entry to your home without touching the deadbolt as long as you have your phone. It features an auto-lock which works without manual operation. You can lock or unlock the door automatically. This prevents you from worrying if you closed your door on your way out. Together with the doorsense mechanism, you can have certainty regarding the status of your door. The doorsense acts as a magnetic sensor to boost security.


You can easily install August smart lock on most of the single cylinder deadbolts. It allows you to maintain your old keys and hardware. The installation process is simple since there is no need for wiring anything. Most users report that they can get this running within 10 minutes with a single screwdriver.


It is a smart lock that supports other devices to boost convenience at home. For instance, you can use it alongside August Connect Wi-Fi bridge to boost remote control. The smart lock can also support Google assistant, Alexa, and Airbnb.


  • Has an attractive, sleek design
  • The doorsense can tell when your door is not locked completely
  • Facilitates the integration of third-party devices


  • The noise produced during operation can be annoying
  • Some users find it unreliable at times


Does August smart lock need a hub?

No. You can, however, enhance its connectivity by purchasing a device that can link to Wi-Fi such as August connect. If you need extra functionality, feel free to use Apple TV (4th gen) as a hub.

What if I forgot my phone, can I still access my home after installing August smart lock?

Yes. You can use different options to gain entry in this situation. For instance, your old keys can still open the deadbolt. Alternatively, use the keypad to open the lock.

How long with the batteries of August smart lock last?

This depends on the frequency of use. In most cases, the batteries last for at least three months.

Do I need the internet to operate this lock?

No. August smart lock can work over Bluetooth. If you want to monitor it when you are away, you will need an internet connection.

Is August smart lock secure?

This lock provides optimum security through features such as doorsense, auto-lock and the use of a keypad. It prevents doors from forced entry techniques such as lock picking and bumping.


Are you tired of complicated smart locks that take forever to understand? Choose one that is effective, yet simple to use. After my August smart lock review, I discovered that this is the lock I have been looking for. Its smooth operation, security standards and features such as auto-lock and door sense were impressive enough.