Schlage connect vs nest Yale – multiple service smart lock

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The Schlage connect vs nest yale will help you find a secure smart lock system. The Schlage connect can create up to 30 active codes for your lock.

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What are the differences between Schlage connect vs nest Yale? How do they compare

Comparison Nest x  Yale Schlage connect
Phone compatibility iOS iOS
Key fob yes, 1 standard key included No , 1 standard key included
Auto lock feature YES YES
Power supply 4 AA batteries 4 AA batteries
WI-FI adapter Apple TV Apple TV
Check price Check price

Schlage connect vs nest Yale  –  A Detailed Comparison


The Schlage connect is made in a nice and stylish design. It comes in three different styles which are nickel, aged bronze, matte black or satin. You can choose the color that suits your interior decoration and door design.  It is a single cylinder deadbolt and has a bump guard protection. It stands out from most s locks because it gives the intruders a kind of a warning message.

The nest x Yale on the other hand is well designed and pretty easy to use. The lock is sleek, classy and very stylish. It is streamlined on the outside and a little bulky on the inside. It comes in oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and polished brass.

Performance and capability

The Schlage allows you to connect it to z-wave hubs or use it as a standalone deadbolt. To the Schlage from the inside, all you have to do is touch the Schlage logo located on the top of the screen and enters your set digit code. To show that the lock is successful, it will beep twice and a green check mark will appear on the screen. For a simple lock, all you have to do is press the outside.

Nest Yale will not integrate well with most home systems. It will not work well if you use SmartThings HomeKit, Wink and some few others.  You would expect it to be compatible with Google assistant like other nest smart lock but unfortunately it dies not.


With the highest possible security rating, which is ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, the Schlage connect is sure to keep you safe. It has an anti-pick shield that prevents any kind of tampering. The screen has a matte finishes that is finger-print resistant; this means you will not leave any traces on there that burglars can use to break the system codes.

The nest Yale comes with a nest connect during purchase. With it, you are able to connect your lock to the internet and this allows you some immediate control. You can control the lock remotely; which means you can unlock or lock the home while you are far away or create address codes that can be used. If someone wants to get into the home, you can give them a code and remove it from the system once they are done with it.

Nest Yale lock review

nest yale lock vs schlage connect

The nest x Yale comes with a WIFI adapter which helps you connect the smart lock to your phone for communication.  It uses a zugbee which is developed by the sane company, to operate efficiently, the smart lock works with WI-FI, Nest cam, Nest video doorbell and nest learning thermostat.  It responds very fast to commands from your mobile application.  This smart lock does not have an auto-unlock option.

There is no keyhole on this lock, which means it relies solely on the key codes and mobile app controls in order to unlock. Security is tighter because nobody will try to pick the lock and cannot open it without a code. Common numbers are not allowed when setting up the codes for this smart lock. It refuses to generate some numbers, which prompts you to create more complex ones. you can generate some codes for other people. You can add up o 20 codes for your guests.

The nest Yale does not have a Bluetooth radio so you have to connect it to your smart phone using mobile app controls. The applications offer a double deal bundle of remote access and free app control


  • Easy to install
  • Everything is consolidated into a user-friendly app
  • Google Assistant support
  • Handy key fobs


  • Expensive
  • Limited third-party compatibility
  • Doesn’t work with Nest security cameras

Schlage connect review

nest yale

Using the keypad at night is now easier , the Schlage has the ability to programme close to 30 different access codes.. The Schlage offers you several modern ways to lock and unlock your front door. The button and twisting knob, located on the inside of this smart lock, helps you control your security alerts.

It has an illumination that makes it easy for you to spot the keypad.  When there is a forced entry, or the door is unlocked the built in sensors trigger the deadbolt to produce an alert. On the outside is a finger print resistant keypad for a keyless entry. While the keypad makes it easy for you, your family, friends and guests to get in, it makes it harder for strangers and unwelcomed people to enter.


  • You can programme up to 30 unique codes
  • The alarm is very loud
  • Comes is several colors


  • The features require a Z-Wave smart hub to function
  • Expensive

The bottom line

The Schlage connect is the perfect choice when it comes to security and ease of use. It works well when connected to a smart home system. You can link it up with wink, iris and Samsung smart things using the z-wave. You can also use Alexa to operate the door through locking and unlocking using a specific pin.  This connection enables you to remote control the deadbolt when you are far from home.


Can I open and close the door manually from the inside of the door by turning on the smart lock?

From the inside, you can turn the loc manually to unlatch or latch the deadbolt. Additionally, you can also use your existing key from the outside.

Can I pair the smart app with more than one lock?

You can add the Amazon app on multiple phone and log in with the same credentials. The application will take a few seconds to create different codes for different users and cancel them out once the code is used.

What if the batteries die inside the smart lock?

The lock will send you a notification beforehand to let you know before it happens. If you ignore the notification, you can still use the key to operate the lock.

Is the nest yale compatible with Samsung smart things?

Unfortunately, it does not connect with Samsung but works well with nest connect. The connection works on the WIFI network through your mobile phone.