August smart lock pro installation–a detailed guide for beginners

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When you are purchasing a door lock, you definitely want something that is easy to install and manage, especially if you are a beginner. Read our August smart lock pro installation guide, and see whether it is the right product for you.

When it comes to the world of smart locks, it is understandable to be confused by all the variety in the market, and each brand telling you that their brand is the best. Among all these, you may run into August Smart lock pro, whose reputation is quite positive among many users and has had a solid reputation for many years. You might even find it very hard to find smart locks that measure up to it, even if they cost less.

August smart lock pro installation

The good news is that the Smart lock pro is quite easy to install, as this guide will show you. Even if you are a beginner that does not know much about locks, you will still find the set quite easy to configure and operate without too much hassle.

Installation guide tips

The good thing about buying any technological device is the amount of information available on the internet regarding installation and maintenance – even for smart locks like this.

What you require

You will need your own screwdriver (preferably Philips) to carry out the process, while everything else will come in the package. These items include:

  • Three adapters
  • The Smart Lock Pro
  • Four AA batteries
  • Mounting plate
  • Adhesive strip


  • Using the adhesive strip, prepare the existing deadbolt on your door. The aim here is to maintain the keyed side of the lock in one position throughout and allow you to install without straining in aligning things.
  • Remove the thumb latch of the existing deadbolt lock by unscrewing and removing the screws holding it together. In addition, you should also remove any additional back plates if they are there. Just make sure the deadbolt itself is unlocked before you remove the thumb latch, to avoid any problems with jamming later on.
  • After this, you can begin preparing the mount plate. The one that comes in the package has two screw holes, which you can adjust if you want to. From the thumb latch, remove the screws and insert them in the mounting plate at its front.
  • Once this is done, the mounting plate can come in. attach it to the door using the screws, and tighten them until it can securely settle against the door.

Choosing the adapter

  • There are several adapters you can select from, depending on the compatibility of the lock and the measurements of the door itself. They include Schlage, Defiant, Weiser, Kwikset, Emtek, and Weslock. There is also a compatibility chart, which can help you make the best decision on the adapter.

Pro tip: if your specific lock brand is not in the chart, you can slide the different adapters on the tailpiece until you find one with the small nub pointing up – that is the correct one.

  • Attach the right adapter on the tail piece. You can also position it backwards, just in case the shape is correct but it looks backwards.
  • You can now open the wing latches, as this will prepare for the mounting process.

Mounting the lock

  • Slide the lock over its tailpiece, and ensure the mounting plate is fully aligned with it, the door must also be flush with the back of your lock. Once this is done, you can clamp both the side latches to the mounting plate to secure them in place.

August smart lock pro installation

  • You can now remove the face plate by pressing down on the logo (August) at the bottom, and hold the top of the plate to remove.
  • While you are holding the batteries in their position, remove the isolation tab that holds the batteries. Ensure the batteries sit completely in their slots.
  • Attach the face plate, making sure the August logo is at the bottom end.
  • Install the DoorSense, and use the August home app to finish your setup.


The installation of the August Smart lock pro might seem complicated due to the number of steps, but it is easy to navigate even if you are a beginner –as long as you follow the instructions well.


Can I still use my existing deadbolt with the August Smart lock?

Yes you can. Unlike many smart locks, you do not need to remove your existing lock entirely, as you are only modifying the security aspect of it. In fact, read here to get some compatibility guides.

Do I need Wi-Fi to operate it?

No – unlike many locks, you do not need a Wi-Fi connection to operate the lock, and it can still work even when power supply goes out.

How long does the battery life last?

If you use the lock at a normal rate, the battery life will last for three months on average.

Do I need a hub to use the lock?

As it is a smart lock, yes. However, the advantage is its wide accessibility to a variety of smart home hubs, which proves to be a major advantage.

What are the voice assistants I can use?

This is among the few locks you will find that supports all the three major voice assistants – Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Home kit. It also works well with security systems that are compatibility with Z-Wave Plus.