Nest Yale lock vs Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen 925– high tech alternatives for your door

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The Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen 925 has the ability to respond to your voice commands. The Nest Yale lock vs Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen 925 review will help you choose the right smart lock.

Even with the rise in smart lock installations in my area, there have still been a number of reported burglaries. Iwas not convinced that I needed a smart lock system to keep my home secure because of the potential of a breach. I was living in a bubble until I came home from work to find that my locks had been tampered with. I needed an urgent security upgrade, but felt that the dial-pad smart lock system was not secure enough for me. If they had been compromised in my neighbourhood, what guarantee did I have over my safety? After looking through this Nest Yale lock vs kwikset kevo comparison, I discovered that smart locks can combine both features for a higher security level.

What are the differences between Nest Yale lock and kwikset kevo? How do they compare

Comparison Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen 925 Nest x Yale lock
Phone compatibility iOS and android iOS
Key fob Yes and2 digital keys yes, 1 standard key included
Auto lock feature Yes YES
Power supply 4 AA batteries 4 AA batteries
WI-FI adapter Bluetooth Apple TV
Check price Check price

Nest Yale Lock vs Kwikset Kevo –A Detailed Comparison


The Nest Yale comes with a nest connect. It gives you ability to connect your lock to the internet. With this, you can control the lock remotely; which means you can unlock or lock the home while you are far away or create address codes that can be used. If someone wants to get into the home, you can give them a code and remove it from the system once they are done with it.

You must have your e-key in order to open the Kevo. This reduces the risk in burglary. The e-key range is short and you have to be in close range for the system to work.

Performance and compatibility

The Nest Yale does not integrate well with most home systems. You would expect it to be compatible with Google assistant like other nest smart lock but unfortunately it dies not. It will not work well if you use SmartThings HomeKit, Wink and some few others.

The Kevo can only be connected through Bluetooth; it does not work with most smart home systems. It works with nest devices to alert you when you walk into and out of your home.


The nest x Yale has a sleek, classy and stylish design. It is streamlined on the outside and a little bulky on the inside. It comes in oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and polished brass.

The kwikset kevo looks like any other basic deadbolt at first glance. It has a rounded shape and a basic design. The colors include a brass finish, Venetian bronze and satin nickel.  The keyhole is surrounded by a light that flashes green when you lock, blue when you touch, yellow when you lock the kevo and red when unlocking is rejected.

Nest  x Yale

nest x yale vs kevo

The nest x Yale does not have a keyhole, which means it relies solely on the key codes and mobile app controls in order to unlock. Security is tighter because nobody will try to pick the lock and cannot open it without a code. Common numbers are not allowed when setting up the codes for this smart lock. It refuses to generate some numbers, which prompts you to create more complex ones. you can generate some codes for other people. You can add up o 20 codes for your guests.

Nest x Yale uses a zugbee which is developed by the sane company, to operate efficiently, the smart lock works with WIFI, Nest cam, Nest video doorbell and nest learning thermostat.  It responds very fast to commands from your mobile application.  This smart lock does not have an auto-unlock option.


  • Easy to install
  • Everything is consolidated into a user-friendly app
  • Google Assistant support
  • Handy key fobs


  • Expensive
  • Limited third-party compatibility
  • Doesn’t work with Nest security cameras

Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen 925

nest x yale vs kevo

Kwikset kevo 2nd generation is made in a unique design and quite different when compared to other smart locks. It has an auto-lock option that helps you keep your home more secure. The lock works hand in hand with mobile apps to respond to your voice commands. It works with a fob but you will have to purchase it separately.

The safety of your home is guaranteed with the kwikset kevo smart lock.  The kwikset kevo’s mobile app is very simple to use. It allows you to check the movement of guests in and out of your home. you can send Ekeys or codes to your friends and family immediately from the kevo app. You can choose to create scheduled keys or give permanent access to some people. Scheduled key codes will only stay functional for 24 hours after which they will expire.

There is no remote access for this lock and it works with a WIFI-adapter and other locks.  The easy touch to open operation on the kevo smart makes it very convenient. It works by scanning your key fob or phone and activates the unlock action on your smart lock. This semi-automatic system guarantees reliability when you are accessing the door. The kevo completely resets your deadbolt which does not hinder a simple re-key with the smartkey tool.


  • Works with nest
  • Has status lights
  • you have many control options


  • Does not work with many smart home systems

The final word

I love the nest x Yale because it is simple, pleasant and is a great home security system. It comes with a WIFI adapter which helps you connect the smart lock to your phone for communication. The applications offer a double deal bundle of remote access and free app control


Does the nest x Yale lock have a subscription fee?

There is no subscription fee on the application, it is completely free. This means you will not have to pay any monthly or yearly expenses for the security systems, including the code input.

Will you need a different nest connect hub for each nest x Yale lock you install in your home?

Only one lock will be enough to keep everything running well in your home. The problem will be in the connection, the application should be a few meters away for the system to operate smoothly.

Is the nest x Yale compatible with any samsung device and smart system?

Unfortunately not; the nest x Yale works with nest connect and your home wifi network. It works by connecting the lock wifi to the nest application on your phone.

Is the kwikset as secure as the regular deadbolt in terms of hardware?

Kevo has been proven to be extremely secure both mechanically and digitally. It used multiple encryption levels to increase the security and also contains smartkey tech that is created to prevent bumping and picking.