Nest yale lock vs august smart lock pro – easy to control smart lock

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The august smart pro has a mobile app that walks you through the installation process. Looking for an easy to control smart lock? Check out the Nest Yale lock vs august smart lock pro review

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What are the differences between Nest yale lock vs august smart lock pro? How do they compare?

Comparison  Nest yale lock august smart pro
Phone compatibility iOS iOS
Key fob yes, 1 standard key included No , 1 standard key included
Auto lock feature YES YES
Power supply 4 AA batteries 4 AAA batteries
WI-FI adapter Apple TV Apple TV
Check price Check the price

Nest Yale lock vs august smart lock pro – A Detailed Comparison

The design

I think that we can all agree that from the first glance, the Nest X Yale Lock is a beautifully designed and crafted smart lock. The exterior of the lock is a glaring black touch screen that is made of glass. It contains a backlit feature on the keypad and comes in a variety of colors including satin nickel, polished brass and oil rubbed bronze. The august smart lock pro is sturdy and well designed. It is metallic and has a smooth texture and modern design.


The august smart lock pro has control locks on the huge circular button that will blink red when you lock the door and green when it is still open.  You can buy the nest x yale lock with or without the Nest connect. It allows you to connect to the internet and have a remote control of the lock. You will be able to lock and unlock the door while also adding new lock codes from a great distance.

Performance and compatibility

The august smart lock pro does not contain a Wi-Fi radio. it connects to the Nest Connect hub, which is included. The hub then connects to your home Wi-Fi to allow access from different areas. It works well with other devices and web based applications.

Nest doesn’t integrate very well with any other smart home systems: if you use HomeKit, Smart Things, Wink, or other systems, you’ll largely be out of luck. Most Nest locks may go well with Google Assistant generally, but the Nest Yale pretty much does not support it.

Nest yale lock review

nest yale lock

This is one of the latest additions in the nest smart lock devices. It is a smooth looking lock that you can control from anywhere using an app on your phone.  The nest yale lock  has a small speaker on its right side and terminals at the bottom that act as fail safe when the batteries die. The keypads are not visible on the lock until you press the logo. It has a check and back button that are used to set up, adjust settings and initiate the voice commands

The lock runs on 4 AAA batteries protected by a black cover.  The backlit button disables and enables the privacy on your lock. The privacy mode will only allow your door to be unlocked from the inside. Instead of WIFI, the lock connects to the Nest Connect hub which in turn connects to the home WI-FI and allows you access from different places.

The pros

  • Stylish design
  • The motor is quite
  • It is very easy to install


  • Does not have a voice activation support

August smart lock pro review

nest yae vs august smart lock

The august smart lock pro is one of the most secure locks by the august smart lock company. Before you purchase this smartlock, you should know that it is not waterproof and definitely not intended for outdoor use. It is meant to be installed in the interior deadbolt and can withstand a temperature of about 30 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Just like most smart locks, the august smart lock pro uses 4 AAA batteries to operate. The batteries normally last around half a year.

Using the batteries makes installation much easier and replacing them will not take you much time. It has a mobile app that walks you through the installation process. The process will help you set up the guest access, auto unlock and auto lock systems.

It uses WIFI technology for phone communication. When your phone is connected, your door should automatically lock and unlock when you approach it. Geofencing makes the system very effortless but you can use control lock app on your phone.  It also integrates with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Homekit for vocal commands. Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Flexible settings
  • Convenient Auto-Lock features


  • No alarm

The final word

The august smart lock pro is perfect, it offers the security of a smart lock and simplicity of a basic deadbolt. The back-up system on the lock ensures you are never locked out of your home. When you want to know who is coming in and out of your home, you can check that out on the event history.


Is the august smart lock pro more reliable than the previous generation?

The third generation has bigger improvements when compared to the previous ones. It has less mechanical issues and uses different plate designs which are considerably sturdier; it is smoother to operate both manually and technically.

Will Alexa unlock a door installed with the august smart lock pro?

If you shout the command, Alexa will lock the door from both sides. To get her to unlock the door, you have to create a specific command which will ask you for a pass code before the door is unlocked.

Will the door sensors on the august smart lock detect you when you get closer to the door or will you have to use your phone manually?

The lock uses the Bluetooth application to go ahead with the auto unlock command. If it is turned on and all the settings are right, the door should unlock as you move towards it.

Can Nest Yale be unlocked with the Nest app?

If you have the application on your Smartphone, you can unlock the door from anywhere. You can also receive notifications when the door is opened using codes or the keypad.

Does the Nest Yale have an auto lock feature?

The auto-lock feature on the Yale is pretty much functional but not in any way adjustable. It is set to lock itself 30 seconds after the door is open or you correctly put in the pass code.